Designing Posters

This summer I took an Identity Design and Branding course at the Rhode Island School of Design.  It was a two-week intensive class during which each student had to develop an identity system that included a logo, business card, stationery set, website with animation, and poster. I chose to do a personal identity system, and that is where the design of this website was born. Since I went into the class not knowing how to work any of computer programs that graphic designers use, I was definitely in a weaker state than all of the rest of the students (who all happened to be at least half my age). Fortunately, the TA was great—and very patient—and I learned a lot, especially about how to use Adobe Illustrator. For my poster, I knew I wanted to do something with the words "If Not Now, When?" and I wanted it to be very simple.  I came up with about 20 different concepts but to start I'm only showing three here. (Unfortunately, I am having some technical difficulties with the files. which is pretty typical for a beginner like me--but so frustrating.) One day I hope to have one of my posters printed and hang it on the wall. And as I develop more skills and ideas, I will share them here.