Video Visit to India

Back in September I spent a week in India with Land of Nod. It was an amazing experience that I am still processing.  More than anything it compelled me to think deeply about how the role of making by hand in our lives differs from place to place based on our history, culture, and economy. Our group included Land of Nod's managing director, members of the Land of Nod design team, and a photographer and videographer. I was delighted when I checked out the Land of Nod blog this morning and saw that it included this video, which brings me right back to that bright, sunny, colorful, delicious, friendly, energizing, exotic, exhilarating week of a lifetime.  Throughout the video you'll see talented artisans creating many Land of Nod products, including dolls, bedding, and rugs. (And If you don't blink at the 33 second mark, you'll see me trying out block printing.) I also posted some photos of the trip here.

About Last Summer: India with Land of Nod

I spent one week in India in September. As a guest of the Land of Nod team, I accompanied them on visits to factories where some of their products are made by hand and by machine, including quilts, sheets, rugs, and toys, and also on some special side trips. It was a week I will never forget, one that has enriched, educated, and inspired me.  

As with my other "About Last Summer" galleries—to Aland and to Chateau Dumas—click on the first photo to enlarge it, then click on the right arrow to continue. Namaste.